What is the difference between Gold Filled and Gold Plated?

Gold Filled is not the same as gold plated.

Gold filled is made by a process whereby solid gold is permanently pressure bonded to a base metal, brass, which gives the piece long lasting durability just like solid gold and can last a lifetime without wearing off or tarnishing. It has 100% more gold content than plated gold.

By law it must  have 5% gold content by weight whereas gold plated has 0.05% gold content.

We only use 14k gold filled.


Is Gold Filled hypoallergenic?
Yes, Gold Filled is nickel free and therefore is hypoallergenic. If you can wear 14k solid gold then you can wear 14k Gold Filled. It is the next best to solid gold and customers find it to be the perfect balance between price and quality.

How to care for Gold Filled jewellery?
Gold Filled will not tarnish under normal circumstances with regular use and care. All jewellery can get build up over time but with a little soap and warm water it should be easily restored. See how to care for your Gold Filled jewellery here.


What is the difference between .925 Sterling Silver and .93 Argentium Sterling Silver?
Sterling Silver is a silver alloy containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Argentium silver that we use is 93% silver and the remaining 7% is a combination of both copper and germanium which is a tarnish-resistant alloy. It can be cleaned with any silver jewellery cleaner.

Are all pieces handmade?
Yes, all pieces are handmade and made to order. Due to the nature of handcrafted work, not all pieces will be exactly the same so there may be slight variations between the same two pieces.

The processing time is approximately 1 week. Depending on the availability of materials it may take up to 4 weeks.


Can I shower or go in the sea/pool with my Cynsations Jewellery?
Yes you can but it is always advised to avoid doing so in order to preserve the jewellery and always have it looking its best. See how to care for your jewellery here.

I would like something specially made. How do I proceed?
Contact us through our contact form so we can discuss your ideas.

What are your payment and delivery options?
Our preferred methods of payment are online transfers and bank deposits. However, in some instances we may accept cash on delivery. We bank with Republic Bank and accept transfers from all other banks.

Half or full payment is needed in order to confirm and proceed with the order process. Bank information provided at checkout.

Delivery options: free delivery in the Port Of Spain area on Fridays or TT Post delivery option of $25.

Arrangements can be made to meet at an agreed location for collection in Port Of Spain.

Do you have a store?

At the moment we are only an online store but we do plan on having a storefront in the near future.


What is your refund/exchange policy?
Read our Return Policy to find out.

How do I know/measure my ring size?
You can measure it in two ways. Either by using the inside diameter of a ring you already have or by measuring the circumference of your finger with a piece of paper or soft measuring tape. See here for clearer details.
How do I measure my bracelet size?
Click here to see how to measure your wrist.