Herringbone Pod Bracelet

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This amethyst chain link bracelet features three 6mm amethyst stones wrapped in a herringbone design.

Then we added a personalized touch where you can get your initial stamped on a dazzling charm disc.

Silver disc measure 8.9mm

Gold Filled discs measure 9.5mm

Letter size is 3mm

Please take note of the difference in chain link for the gold filled option which has patterned cable links measuring 2.8mm

Silver links as shown are rolo style measuring 2.4mm

Please note the following when measuring your bracelet size:

Measure around your wrist bone in inches using a soft measuring tape. The measurement you get will be equivalent to the below sizes. 

If your measurement exceeds the number by more than half then we suggest taking the size up. For example if you measure 6.3 then select size 6.5

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