Stacking Bangle Cuffs

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We have a couple different options for our stacking bangle cuffs.

Picture our stacking rings in bangle form. Designs include: dapped, mirror, bubble, bubble and plain combined, speckled and diamond cut. (The twist bangle is the chic romance finish)

These are new creations to our line of jewellery. We are making these in 12 gauge wire. Thicker than our regular 14 gauge. 

They won’t be soldered bangles but rather they would maintain an opening to enable a snug fit when worn.

When ordering please state the following in the text field provided:


1 dapped

2 speckled

Please note the following when measuring your bracelet size:

Measure around your wrist bone in inches using a soft measuring tape. The measurement you get will be equivalent to the below sizes. 

If your measurement exceeds the number by more than half then we suggest taking the size up. For example if you measure 6.3 then select size 6.5

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